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Oh... my... gawd.

Not much more to say about this movie. Oh my gawd kinda sums up the entire thing.

But I'll try to give a bit more insight.

I rented this movie thinking it was going to be one of those Japanese movies. You know what I mean. The ghost movies that make absolutely no sense because people are dying left and right even though there is nothing physically wrong? Yeah, that's what I was expecting.

Well, there was a ghost.

And it made absolutely no sense.

But that about all I got right.

For starters, the movie wasn't Japanese. It was Thai. Which explains the complete and utter lack of nudity. Also, Had I not known better, I would have had no idea that the ghost was, in fact, a ghost.

And the women that died? Yeah. They were very obviously dead.
The gore reminded me a lot of "Suicide Club" in the way that there was no way these little Asian women had that much in them. But, who really cares about how unrealistic part of it were? It you want a realistic movie, go rent a documentary.

The main plot of the movie is that there are seven nurses and one very handsome doctor that are selling body parts to unspecified people to raise money for the hospital. Though, this is never really a big deal in the movie. One of the nurses (Tawan) is in love with the doctor and has planned to marry him. But of course, that can't possibly work out, because if it did the movie would be boring and so much less bloody. She gets her sister (Nook) a job at the hospital and (surprise surprise) the little slut promptly gets knocked up by the doctor. Tawan is so upset that she beats her sister up and, when the other nurses stop her, threatens to tell the police about their little body part buisness. So, as any self respecting pride of nurses would do, they kill her.

Oh, and this is all before the movie even begins.

Basically the rest of it is pretty strait forward. Tawan's ghost comes back and kills all the nurses one by one, in very ironic ways... blah blah blah...

But, as with any movie, there was a major twist. I figured it out pretty early on, but that didn't stop me for freaking the hell out when, in the last scene...

Well. Yeah. You have to watch it for your self.



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I've been interested in art all my life, but lately, due to lack of resources, time, and, to some extent, interest, I haven't done any really art in quite some time. Occasionally I'll doodle, but I haven't done anything worthy in ages. I hope to get back up and running soon, but I've been saying that for a long time...

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